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Changes, changes, and more changes!! (:

By perfectlypi83202068, Mar 20 2017 07:39PM

OMG, the weather is changing and so are we!

We have a INSTAGRAM!!!!! Follow us to see recent before & afters also to see new deals we may have!


We have added a new service and TWO new employees!

Cherie, a Reiki practioner and Spiritualist. She studied Reiki with Reiki Master Pat Newhouse in her home state of Utah. In 2012, Cherie was certified and has been practicing as a spiritual healer. She believes to become our better self is to be connected mind, body and soul. A person's energy can tell you more about them than their own words.

Reiki is light energy- a specific group of light rays of the universal life force energy that makes all living beings alive and can be used to heal others, the planet and ourselves. When this universal life force enters the earths plane, it breaks up into whole spectrum of colors and frequencies, each of which manifest as a healing modality with its own particular strength and focus. Reiki is one of these modalities and works frist on the physical level, then mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Caitlyn, a body wrap technician. She was born in VA Beach, VA and raised in Elizabeth City, NC. She moved back to Virginia 3 years ago to finish her high school career. Now, Caitlyn is a certified dog groomer from Wednesday to Saturday && a certifed body wrap tech on Monday and Tuesdays. Spending most of her time working, She still manages to have fun with her new poodle puppy, Calliope.

Another change is that we have decided to take a step back from doing facial services. We are very sad to annouce this information, but it is better for us as a spa. We are referring everyone to a wonderful esthetician, Aly. You can contact her at 757-932-7546 or

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